The Slippery body to body sensuous Nuru massage using special nuru gel while soapy massage begin with a bubbles bath ritual with the lady.

slippery massage

Our studio based in Kensington (Near the victoria train Station – 4mins walk) area which is very easy to approach from anywhere in Central London by tube or taxi.

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About Nuru Massage

This is an adult erotic massage which only for man. Are you tired of your daily activities? Why not relax yourself once a week. Too much stress and tiredness can make your body lost energy and strength. You need to rest and explore the beauty of life. You can visit massage parlor for the body treatment. Massage is the act of treating the deeper and superficial layers of your muscles and tissues. It enables all your muscles to work and function well. Nuru massage is a way of healing. It promotes well-being and relaxation. It is also considered as recreational activity of other people.

There are different kinds of massage. In order to relax yourself better, you need to go to massage parlor and ask for a nuru massage. It involves acting and working on your body with stress and pressure. Nuru massage is different from other massage. You will not be bored if someone is massaging you because it is a sensual massage. This means that all senses of the one massaging will work. It is intended to give and awaken your senses. You will feel the body of the therapist. The one who massages you is a female.

A nuru massage & nuru gel video

How to Perform the Nuru Massage?

This massage is done by female therapist in a very comfortable place. If you want to experience slippery massage, you need to inquire first in a massage parlor. There are different parlors that offer massage. If you have friends with good experience on the massage parlor, it is better to try the service. Some parlor has chairs, tables, tub or floor.

After inquiring, you will be asked to take off your clothes. This is commonly practiced in nuru massage. You will lie down on comfortable massage table or bed. The one doing the massage is an attractive and sexy lady. You will be so much excited. That is for sure. After lying on the bed, the lady will apply oil on your body. This is in order for the body to be prepared and slippery. The oil used has minerals   for your body.

As the person continues the massage, you will feel satisfied and happy. It is not only the hands of the lady that touches your body but all the body parts. Because of this, you will be very excited and for sure you will appreciate the moment. For men, sensual energy is awakened. The one doing the massage will slide her body onto yours. Both of you are naked. All the body parts are used. The hands, feet, head breast and others. The massage is intended to stimulate your sensual energy and to relieve stress and tension. You will gain many benefits from slippery massage. Your muscles will be relaxed and your feeling will be enhanced.


Nuru massage targets all your muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, connective tissues, skin, fascia, lymphatic and gastrointestinal vessels. At the end of the session, you will feel that your body is very much ready for any work. It is very arousing and interesting session. Experience the best treat for your body.

If you are looking for this massage service in central London, you can just call us, our ladies are specialist of the nuru massage and they surely can give whatever you need.

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